09.06.17 Where's the A in Venice? Arts, Architecture, Alure, Awe and so on...

There are some things in life 
we must do at least once. 
Venice is one. 

We venture to Venice by train. 
It is a city like no other. 
Haunting. Historic. Old. 
Mysterious. Intriguing. 

We have a whirlwind guided tour. 
The Arts. 
The Architecture.
The Alure. 

Pam, Dan, Chris and I are 
fascinated by the details:
The narrow alleys.

And dark.
Well, actually, aphotic. 

The bricked corners make us laugh:
(An attempt to stop urinators....)

The unique doorways.
Access for a wine barrel!

The Windows.

Out of darkness, light. 

 Awesome clock tower. 
Displays time,  moon phase, & Zodiac. 
Venetian legend is that it was so beautiful
 that the doge had the clockmaker blinded
 so that he could not create another to rival it.

  Aureate in every aspect. 
Moorish architecture:
The articulated Islamic architecture 
of North Africa

Amazed by how much 
there is to take in. 

And then, 
we boated. 
Of course. 
It is an Aquatic city. 

With Sally's guide. 

 In amazement. 
Dreams come true.

Like in the movies. 


Awesome sights. 

Appetites for Anchovies. 
We're adventurous
with our seafood.
 and our pizza. 

I add polka dots to 
 Pam's shirt.
More wine please. 

Then, we do
what must be done 
in Venice. 

 It was worth every penny. 

And, Venice
is not complete
without a stop
at Harry's Bar
for a Bellini. 
Astronomical in cost. 
But, we are here, just, 

A must. 

Its prosecco time. 

Chris buys a tee shirt. 
Lufthansa pays for it.
We're heading home 
to see if we have luggage yet.