09.08.17 Have luggage, will travel.

With luggage finally, 
we are off! 

We board the train 
headed to Santa Margarita Portafino, Italy. 

We pass through Italy west towards the coast. 
A cool site is the mountains of Carrara - the white is not snow, 
but the most quarried marble in the world - 
-as popular today as it was centuries ago. 

We finally SEE the Ligurian SEA! 

Dan is so happy to be here. 

Santa Margarita is a picturesque city
 on the Mediterranean. 

What do we do first?
While of course, 
we head to a floating restaurant 
for seafood and spirits! 

We stalk the wealthy yacht owners on the pier, and are  entertained by their "garbage".   

We tour the city as the sun is setting. 

The architecture is unique. 

We arrive at our boutique hotel, which we adore!

 Our balcony view


We meet Dan and Pam in the lobby, 
to play cards, 
eat more, 
drink more
(best martini ever)
and laugh more! 
I am sure I won this hand. 
Poker Face. 


09.07.17 Under the Tuscan Sun

We spend the day exploring Tuscany,
 in search of the perfect wine. 
We hire a driver,  Marco, 
the most charming  and kind Italian. 
We drink, he drives. 

San Gimignano (so fun to say!)
is an Italian hill town in Tuscany, in the province of Siena. 
Encircled by 13th century walls, 
it has a skyline of medieval towers and homes.


Cheese. Bread. Meat. Gelato. 

We hike to the top for the view. 

On we go, through the winding hills 
with spectacular vistas at most every curve. 
Sally has set us up for an extra special lunch today. 

We are learning 
what Tuscany 
is all about.

We tour and dine 
at a small organic 
winery and trattoria 
in the heart 
of Chianti. 

 Divine food. Heavenly. With a view to match. 
We are truly, under the Tuscan sun. 

We have a meal of many courses which is enhanced by the variety of wines we are served. 
 We send home bottles of wine and balsalmic vinegar. No truffle oil though. 

 Wine, wine, wine,  coffee, wine, wine, wine. 
Its all about balance. 
Cappuccino's in Castellina

You[ll find the mascot on the top of every bottle
 of true Chianti Classico.  
The rooster standard? 
80% Sangiovese grapes grown in the area, & at least 12% ABV.  

And, of course, Marco takes us to yet another beautiful winery in Chianti. 
We must compare.....

No doubt the end
 to a perfect day .... 
is to come home and find 
our long lost luggage! 
6 days without out them t
eaches us just how light we can pack 
 for all future trips!